Press Releases blockchain technology helps protect companies when trading with each other

ČSOB (18/05/2020)

CaixaBank launches the blockchain platform to execute and finance foreign trade transactions

CaixaBank (03/01/2020) - a new easy and secure trade platform

Nordea (09/05/2019) available for all Societe Generale clients

Societe Generale (18/04/2019)

UniCredit successfully completes first transaction in Italy via blockchain platform

UniCredit Italy (21/03/2019) joins forces with three former Batavia consortium banks

Erste Group (02/10/2018)

CaixaBank, Erste Group and UBS join as shareholders and banking partners

KBC (02/10/2018)

Santander launches the first real-time trades in Spain using

Santander (03/07/2018) blockchain platform completes multiple real-time customer transactions

Rabobank (03/07/2018)