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Meet our team

  • Ciaran McGowan
    Ciaran McGowan
  • David McLoughlin
    David McLoughlin
    Head of Commercialisation
    [email protected]
  • Mark Cudden
    Mark Cudden
  • Eimear Kelly
    Eimear Kelly
  • Ty Khan
    Ty Khan
    Head of Business Development
  • Danny Fitzgerald
    Danny Fitzgerald
    Head of Operations
  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill
    Head of Information Security
  • Brendan Murray
    Brendan Murray
    Product Manager
  • Polina Andreeva
    Polina Andreeva
    QA Lead
  • Julie Cairn
    Julie Cairn
    Product Owner
  • Jeremy Simmons
    Jeremy Simmons
    UX / UI Designer
  • Wayne Walker
    Wayne Walker
    Operational Support Lead
  • Alex McAllister
    Alex McAllister
    Back End Developer
  • Fintan Sealy
    Fintan Sealy
    Back End Developer
  • Benni Russell
    Benni Russell
    Front End Developer
  • Zara Kinneen
    Zara Kinneen
    Front End Developer
  • Ardi Mehist
    Ardi Mehist
    DevOps Engineer
  • May Albaghdady
    May Albaghdady
    QA Engineer
  • Shane Reddy
    Shane Reddy
    QA Engineer
  • Peijie Ma
    Peijie Ma
    Back End Developer
  • Conor Burke
    Conor Burke
    Operations Support Analyst
  • Alan Fitzsimons
    Alan Fitzsimons
    Commercial Lead
  • Niamh McLafferty
    Niamh McLafferty
    Back End Developer
  • Vaishali Chenthilkumar
    Vaishali Chenthilkumar
    QA Engineer
  • Florin Jipa
    Florin Jipa
    Product Owner
  • Chris McNulty
    Chris McNulty
    Front End Developer
  • Beatrice Dutoit
    Beatrice Dutoit
    Scrum Master
  • Keagan Cummings
    Keagan Cummings
    Product Analyst